Ask Beth

Beth Riley

Guru, guide, teacher, master of her craft and guiding light. You will receive no better advice on funding related matters than from Beth!

What is “Ask Beth”?

Offered by Editorial Director Beth Riley, “Ask Beth” can be accessed at the bottom right hand of any page on this site.

This service—a modified online help widget—is intended to give the UCI research community who are visiting this website quick access to a knowledgeable expert on the subjects covered herein.

OK, sounds good, but who is Beth?

Beth Riley is a research development professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field.  Working for the central Research Development team, under Director Michael Gallo, Beth’s services are available to all UCI researchers. Learn more about Beth on her profile page.

Oh, it’s an online chat tool, so does this mean my question will  be answered instantly?

While the “Ask Beth” tool does have the ability for instant two-way communication, Beth will not always be available to answer questions immediately. She has important work to do helping researchers with their proposals.  However, using the “Ask Beth” service does save time and effort looking up contact information for those wanting to ask a question, and Beth will make every attempt to answer those questions as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.




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