NIH/NIGMS Collaborative Program Grant for Multidisciplinary Teams

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  • December 1, 2022

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The NIH/NIGMS Collaborative Program Grant for Multidisciplinary Teams is designed to support highly integrated research teams of three to six PDs/PIs to address ambitious and challenging research questions that are important for the mission of NIGMS and are beyond the scope of one or two investigators.

Collaborative program teams are expected to accomplish goals that require considerable synergy and managed team interactions. Project goals should not be achievable with a collection of individual efforts or projects. Teams are encouraged to consider far-reaching objectives that will produce major advances in their fields.

While applications may request research program budgets of up to $1.5 million direct costs per year, it is anticipated that most awards will be between $700,000-$900,000 direct costs. Annual inflationary increases are not allowed. The requested budget should be consistent with the number of PDs/PIs and the complexity and needs of the proposed program

UCI may submit only one application in response to this call per review round; therefore, interested applicants wishing to apply for the January 27, 2023 deadline are asked to submit a preliminary application via the UCI Review Application portal by December 1, 2022 with the following information:

  • Project summary (up to three pages), please include the following
    • Abbreviated version of the FOA-required research program plan, addressing the biomedical problem being addressed, its significance within the relevant scientific field(s), and how successful accomplishment of the goals would provide substantial scientific advances.
  • Summary of the team management plan (up to two pages), including:
    • Identification of key personnel and their roles on the team.
    • Explanation of how the entire group will function together to accomplish program objectives and vision.
  • Budget Overview (Up to 1 page): A basic budget outlining project costs is sufficient; detailed budgets are not required.
  • Bio-sketch or abbreviated CV (no more than two pages) for each of the core team members.

The office of research recommends that applicants review the resources available on UCI’s Team Scholarship website when determining team composition and developing the team management plan.

If necessary, an ad hoc committee will be convened to review the internal applications. The selected PI(s) will be notified in ample time to meet the FOA deadline of January 27, 2023.

To apply for this opportunity please visit

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