This is a summary of the UCI Proposal Project Lifecycle—i.e. the steps one would go through from conceiving an idea, to submitting a proposal, receiving funding, managing the funded project and finally closeout—presented in an interactive infograhic.

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A Word About Technology Transfer at UCI

Inventions are usually a product of research and therefore fall outside of the project lifecycle—and are also a complex topic too rich for this site—however invention could occur in the process of research as well, so we thought it worth a mention on this page.

Inventions thought up by UCI personnel are handled by UCI Beall Applied Innovation (BAI), which also works to facilitate connections between UCI and industry. BAIs Research Transfer Group (RTG) is the workhorse for “technology transfer,” which is from a university’s point of view, the process by which the university: (1) identifies new inventions; (2) protects them through the patenting process; (3) licenses them to third parties to manufacture and sell; and (4) receives consideration from the licensee. One of the goals of technology transfer at UCI is to benefit the public either through the use of new inventions or job creation from the manufacture and sale of new technologies.

A great primer on technology transfer and how RTG manages the process, is available on the RTG website.